Joan of Arc

Vive la France!

Mon Cher Napoléon,

Activite, Activite, Vitesse! As for my words and deeds, I do them on behalf of God. 


The Age of War

First the Aztecs attack and are destroyed by our French Knights. Then the Iroquois attempt an invasion. Our Knights, having been upgraded to Cavalry, make short work of the invaders. Then all the countries in the world attack at once! We hit the Russians hard, forcing a favorable peace treaty. This will slow the invasions from the east. France aggressively negotiates for a cease-fire with the Anglo-Americans. 

Turning our Artillery west, France conquers Rome. Having secured a cease-fire with the Anglo-Americans, we are free to conquer Germany. With the west secure, France allows the peace treaty with Russia to expire. Russia is destroyed. Then finally America, then England fall as each treaty expires. 



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