Meiyo - Honor

Way of the Samurai

The winds that blows -
ask them, which leaf on the tree
will be next to go.

Honor: The understanding of one's own worth and dignity.


790 AD

After very bloody fighting, a Great Leader emerges from the chaos. We will immediately form a Samurai Army and press the attack. 



850 AD
Stack of Death

Joan hasn't been producing many attack units, so she has probably been fortifying her capital with more Musketeers (last known to have four). We have accumulated a huge stack of Samurai led by Hirohito's Army. 

Always bring sufficient forces to bear against well-defended targets. Musketeers make excellent defenders. Veteran Samurai v. Veteran Musketeers (fortified in a city) win just 20% of the combats, not accounting for retreat. Here we have twenty-two Samurai, plus the Samurai Army. 


870 AD

The battle was massive, and casualties very heavy. Hirohito was crucial to the victory. Out of the chaos, another Great Leader emerges, which we use to rush a wonder. France is swept from the continent, and we make a final and lasting peace treaty. 


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