Yu - Courage

Way of the Samurai

An evening cloudburst
sparrows cling desperately
to trembling bushes 

Courage: To bear life's hardships without complaint and maintaining composure under adverse circumstances; to live when it is right to live and to die when it is right to die.


1720 AD

Landing our troops on Roman beaches, we make a grab for the Antium Oil fields. We hold the beaches with an Infantry Stack. 

On the surface of the spring beach
A circle is largely drawn.

Our Infantry Stack holding the beach consists of an Infantry Army, fifteen Infantry and five Artillery. Reinforcements are on the way. 


1725 AD
Antium Oil Fields

We occupy the Antium Oil Fields with a second Infantry Stack. The Infantry pillage the Roman roads servicing the Oil Fields, while the workers throw up a Fortress. Our Infantry Army fortifies in the Fortress. The Oil is ours. 

Our Infantry Stack occupying the Oil Fields consists of an Infantry Army, six Infantry, seven Artillery and four workers


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