Makoto - Honesty

Way of the Samurai

Spring evening.
To the half dying incense
I add it.

Honesty: The Samurai will not dishonor himself by lying or through deceipt.


1752 AD
The Fall of Antium

Our forces easily overcome the exhausted and demoralized defenders. An Infantry Army and more than two dozen Infantry garrison Antium. Our forces are surrounded, but if we are careful, we can hold this city.  The Incenseis a nice bonus. 

We rush the Temple by disbanding Artillery. We must be careful to leave a large garrison in Antium to prevent a devastating culture flip. We promise to build Antium into a prosperous and cultured city. 


1754 AD

Our Infantry Army advances towards Rome itself. Meanwhile, we rush the Harbor in order to send the Incense back to Japan. 

The Harbor is an obvious mistake, as Antium is completely surrounded -- even by sea. 


1754 AD

By keeping our forces concentrated in large stacks, the valor of the counterattacking Roman Cavalry is uselessly spent. After massive bombardment of Rome, Caesar relents. Without Oil, Rome will never again be a threat. They do provide us with some good Italian Wine, though. 

Without flowing wine
How to enjoy lovely
Cherry blossoms?


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