Chugi - Loyalty

Way of the Samurai

All the fields hands
enjoy a noontime nap after
the harvest moon 

Loyalty: The main foundation of the Bushido system, freely given to family, samurai and lords.


1794 AD

Antium has rushed every available improvement, including the Airport and Hydro Plant. With our strong culture, we only have seven culture tiles overlapping with Roman cities.

Notice how the Oil Fields have drifted to a new location, but remain within the limits of Antium. Ironically, they will eventually migrate back. 



1796 AD
The People of Antium

Most people in Antium now live the Way of the Japanese, however a few still follow the Latin culture of their forefathers. 

Count a foreign influence of nine (two ethnics plus seven overlapping culture tiles). We need a minimum of eighteen units in the garrison to absolutely prevent a city flip. Don't worry. We have many dozens to ensure the loyalty of Antium. 


1796 AD

Antium is growing very quickly (+6 food). Corruption in Antium is controllable. Though production is low, waste is minimal. 



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