Way of the Samurai

I caught a petal fallen from a cherry tree in my hand.
Opening the fist
I find nothing there.

Moral virtue or strength Gi Justice
Bearing life’s hardships Yu Courage
A benevolent man is ever mindful of those who are suffering and in distress Jin Benevolence
Respect for the feelings of others Rei Respect
The Samurai will not dishonor himself by lying Makoto Honesty
The understanding of our own worth and dignity Meiyo Honor
Loyalty to family, samurai and lords given freely Chugi Loyalty


2049 AD

When the history of the world is written, not only will they write of great Conquests, but of the character of the Conqueror -- Tokugawa; loyal, just, benevolent, honest, honorable, respectful and courageous. 

China and Germany are very friendly, owe us much, and would probably vote for us in the United Nations. Kyoto could have achieved a City Culture Victory, except we moved the Palace. We have well over 100,000 Culture points overall. We could certainly have destroyed Caesar if we had chose. And yet, we didn't. 

I kill an ant
and realize my three children
have been watching.


2049 AD

Our Samurai use the latest technology. Through various wars against the militaristic Romans, we have created many Great Leaders and a stack of Elite Modern Armor. Despite Caesar's continued belligerency, Rome has never been a threat to the Japanese People. The Latins are poor and ignorant. There is nothing to gain by destroying Rome. Perhaps one day, they too can become civilized and live the Way of the Samurai. 

Summer grasses:
all that remains of great soldiers'
imperial dreams 


2049 AD

The record of Civilization is encapsulated in the Histograph. Heading into the future, Japan is certainly the preeminent civilization in the world. 

The world now unchanged from ancient times 
leaves that are words retain seeds in the heart.



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