Gi - Justice

Way of the Samurai

Spring departs.
Birds cry
Fishes' eyes are filled with tears

Justice: Moral virtue or strength, the rectitude in the power of deciding upon a certain course of conduct in accordance with reason and what is right and wrong.


490 BC
According to the Rules of War

Enough is enough. We declare war on the Chinese according to the Ancient Rules of War, and advance towards Beijing. A Horseman peacefully captures Chinese workers working on Gold Mountain, while the rest of our forces move into position. 


470 BC

Attacking across a river, our catapults bombard the city defenses weakening the two Spearmen defenders. 

Bombardment can make a significant difference in combat odds. A Veteran Swordsman v. Regular Spearman (fortified in a city, across a river) has a 49% chance of victory. With just one point damage to the Spearman, the odds increase to 69%. 


470 BC
Swordsmen Attack!

Our Swordsmen attack the weakened defenders. Our forces triumphantly enter Beijing, led by a recently promoted Elite Swordsman. 



470 BC

Our garrison will restore order and establish our military control of Beijing. Resistance ends the following turn. 

450 BC
Civilian Control


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