Jin - Benevolence

Way of the Samurai

Roots of a large summer tree
On a rock
Extend in all directions.

Benevolence: Mindful of those who are suffering and in distress.


1025 BC
The Eastern Lands Across the Sea

With the recent acquisition of Mapmaking from our neighbors, we are rushing to settle the new lands to the east. 

In my old home
which I forsook, the cherries
are in bloom.


1025 BC
Happy and Prosperous

We have two Settlers on the move and two more in production. We are fortunate in our wealth of resources, both luxury and strategic. 


1025 BC
Strong and at the Ready

Our spearmen defend our cities behind city walls. Our workers are busy building roads and mines. Our Galley ferries our Settlers to their new homes in the east. Meanwhile, the Chinese to the north have become increasing restive. Tokugawa will order a switch to military production, and so end the Age of Peaceful Expansion.

You can find the exact details of Kyoto's growth and expansion here: Report-Kyoto (opens in new window). 


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