1380 AD
The Spear and the Shield

The day never turns back again.

(Tupur proverb)

We have a very powerful Cavalry attack force, backed by plenty of Riflemen and Cannon. Shaka's Fist is strong, but we must have a plan. 



1380 AD
We Meet at Samarra

Our invasion will use not just Cavalry and Cannon, but Workers and Railroads. We will hit Uruk and Nineveh then lay rails through Samarra, deep into the heart of the Babylonian Empire.

Once in Samarra we can reevaluate the position. If Babylonian resistance is too heavy, we will retreat to Calcutta, abandon our gains, and draw Hammurabi out into the open where Shaka's Fist can destroy him. 


Babylon is an old and venerable culture. The Babylonian people will fight for Hammurabi, even though he has led his followers to disaster. We will find no quarter in Babylon. We will live off the land and rail our units home to Calcutta for healing. We will avoid quartering our units in dangerous cities. 


1390 AD
First Strike

With one fell swoop, we take Nineveh and Uruk; then building rail, we take Samarra and have our Cannon overlooking Ellipi before Hammurabi can even react. 

Notice how the "obsolete" Knight Army guards the Cannon. Within a couple of turns, Ellipi's defenses are on the ropes and our Cavalry are back to full strength. 



1405 AD
The Gates of Babylon

Having surrounded the Babylonian capital, we gather our strength for the assault on Babylon. After continuous cannon bombardment, Babylon falls in 1435 AD.

Shortly afterwards, Babylon rebels. A few wounded Cavalry were massacred (who should have been bivouacked in a safer location), along with the single Rifleman guard. However, the rebellion was quickly quashed.

We must find Hammurabi and end his treachery. 



1500 AD
Refuge of Scoundrels

Until the snake is dead, do not drop the stick.
(Ivorian proverb)

Hammurabi and the rest of his gang hide out on an isolated island. We bring Hammurabi word of his imminent retirement from politics.

The people rejoice.


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