10 AD

We add wisdom to knowledge.

- Kalenjin (Kenya)

The war ends in 10 AD. China deeds us a small town in the north of Japan as tribute, then retreats to their new capital of Hangchow along the frigid South Indian Sea. We'll gift the small town to Tokugawa to keep the peace.

Mao should not have trusted Gandhi, as he will not survive long. 


150 AD
Power to the People

The people demand a Republic. After the Revolution, we buy  our first Library in Zimbabwe and Temples everywhere else. 


580 AD
Sistine Chapel

Until the old moon disappears completely, the new moon can not come.
(Bahunde proverb)

Our hard work pays off and we complete the Sistine Chapel.  The completion of this Great Wonder signifies our entry into the Annals of Civilizations. 



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