2230 BC

Wisdom can be found traveling.
(Sri Lankan proverb)

From our various expeditions, we have explored most of the world. Our maps are the very best anywhere. Huts have kept us up-to-date in Science and flush with Gold. We control all communications between the newly discovered Tribes. 

Shaka's Hand Outstretched. 



1125 BC
The Red Ant

Be on the alert, like the red ant that moves with its claws wide open. (Ugandan Saying)

Zimbabwe has completed the Temple, the Granary, City Walls and the Barracks. With no other improvements available to build, Zimbabwe will switch to military production. Our Impis now wield their Spears from Horseback. 

With a large number of Horsemen and some Impis on Foot, we will have a strong military force, useful on both offense and defense.

The Spear and the Shield.


1125 BC
 On Our Terms

The moon lightens well but leaves certain areas in the dark.
(Vai proverb, Liberia)

We are surrounded by dangerous and unreliable neighbors. We must take special notice of all political relationships, either to avoid war, or to fight on our own terms.

Shaka's Word. 


670 BC

Without effort no harvest will be abundant.
(Burundian proverb)

After generations of research, we have discovered the secret of Currency. We sell it first to the Persians for contact with the French, Code of Laws, Philosophy, World Map and 90g. We then buy Construction from the Japanese for the secret of Currency plus 540g. Finally, we sell Currency to the Indians for 110g. Of course, the backward Chinese have nothing to offer. 

We will build Marketplaces in all our cities and towns. 


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