1685 AD
First One, Then Another

A friend works in the light of the sun, an enemy in the dark.

(Nilotic proverb)

They conspire against us. First Persia declares war, then once we are distracted, Japan crosses the open border. France and China declare war too.  




1685 AD
Impi Report

We have a good number of Infantry, and a sizeable stack of Tanks.  If we are careful, we should be able to parry the attack. We must rail all available forces to the Japanese Front immediately.


1645 AD
The Borderlands 

Our cities bordering the Japanese are well-defended with Infantry, plus a new invention, the Fighter. We should be able to hold the position until we can bring up reinforcements. Eridu is impregnable along the Persian Border. 


1705 AD

Hearing is not seeing.
(Swahili proverb)

Our Fighter provides aerial surveillance of Tarsus. This surveillance will spot for the coming bombardment. 


1705 AD
The Artillery of Eridu

With access to plenty of Artillery, we start to pummel the Persian metropolis of Tarsus. We will continue to pile up Artillery at Eridu until something gives. 



1715 AD
Impis in Tanks

Our Tanks blow through the Japanese defenses. We cut off their Oil and bring their military engine to a stop. It is only a matter of time. As in previous wars, our forward forces will avoid stopping in newly conquered cities. We will live off the land. 


1715 AD

We have created a STACK of TOTAL CONTROL, which moves from captured city to captured city, ending any resistance and setting up orderly administration. The STACK is composed of about twenty-five Infantry and an Infantry Army. A single Infantry is left behind as a permanent garrison. If the city flips after we pass through, we will simply send a few Tanks to retake it. 




1720 AD
Invasion by Sea

The fire burns the fire maker.
(Luyia , Western Kenya)

The French invade with a sizeable and rather motley force of five Infantry, a Rifleman, five Musketeers, seven Cavalry, a Swordsman, three Warriors and nine Workers. They don't last long and do little damage. 

Tokugawa retires from the game in 1735 AD. The World War ends. 


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