Awaken, already the sky is rosy,
already dawn has come,
already sing the flame-colored guans,
the fire-colored swallows,
already the butterflies fly.


1230 AD
Greek Colony

With the development of Navigation in 1060 AD, we begin to explore the seas. In 1230 AD, we discover an apparently new Greek settlement, Herakleia, in the Northern Isles. The Greeks call their Leader, King Alexander.




1230 AD
The New World

We buy King Alexander's World Map and Communications with Mahatma Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth, Shogun Tokugawa and Chief Hiawatha. We will rush to Colonize the Northern Isles.


1425 AD
The New World

We have established colonies on two of the Northern Isles. Now, we will build Temples to leave a lasting mark. 


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