With black ink You will blot out
all that was friendship,
brotherhood, nobility.


The Treachery of Hiawatha

Hiawatha declares war. He draws other nations into an alliance against us. When we counterattack against Iroquois forces, still more nations declare war on Aztecland due to their Mutual Protection Pacts with the Iroquois. Sly that Hiawatha. 

1790 AD 1800 AD 1820 AD


1818 AD
The Invasion of Italy

Landing on the beaches near Veii, we move our Artillery into position on the mountain overlooking the city. We protect our Artillery (33) with several Infantry Armies and plenty of Infantry. Without hope of relief, Veii falls.

Back home in Aztecland, the first of many Tanks and Bombers are being produced.


1818 AD
Naval Supremacy of the Northern Isles

Our new Destroyers will bombard, and then attack. The vast Iroquois Fleet will soon be destroyed.

(In this case, by simple bombardment we change the odds of losing a Destroyer from rare to almost never. Ultimately it requires fewer Destroyers.)


1842 AD
The Italian Campaign

We move our Airbase from Veii to Shanghai, which is in range of nearly all of Caesar's remaining cities in Italy, including his Lair Palace in Cumae. 

We will strongly garrison Shanghai for the duration of the war.


1850 AD
Rome Subdued

Rome is subdued. Caesar withdraws to Pompeii in the Northern Isles. The rest of the world sues for peace, lest they be next. We will build a huge military force to deter future wars. 


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