You give shading
to those who will live on the earth.
We live only in
Your book of paintings,
here on the earth
2230 BC

With the final end of Empress Catherine's Russian ambitions, we turn our eyes to the creation of new Aztec Settlements. The Granary completed, Tenochtitlan can produce its first Settler in just three turns. Moscow will contribute to the expansion, too.



1910 BC

Each of these Persian Warriors protects a Persian Settler. Still having an "excess" of Jaguar Warriors from the previous conflict, we can block the Persian expansion, while claiming the Land of Dyes.

The new town, Texcoco, will be a culture attack on the Persian town of Pasargadae. We will build our Temple as soon as possible. Pasargadae has no appreciable culture. If Pasargadae does eventually build culture, then we will garrison Texcoco a little more strongly, with our "excess" Jaguar Warriors.


1725 BC

We rush to plant a Settler on the defensible position at Riverend Hill near the Theban border. Meanwhile, the Jaguar Warrior inhibits the movement of the Egyptian Settler.


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