2550 BC

Hammurabi Master of the Flood Waters founded Nineveh on an ideal location of the Tigris Flood Plain; with Game, Wheat, and Mountains nearby. The Elite, having explored the surrounding area, retired to garrison Nineveh. 

from Babylon
2800 BC
2190 BC
1990 BC
1750 BC
1600 BC
1450 BC
1250 BC
1050 BC

2350 BC
The Granary of Babylon

Under the direct orders of Hammurabi the Builder, Babylon completed the Granary. The rush to populate the River Tigris began in earnest, as Settlers lined up to settle the new lands. Babylon was so fertile it could produce Settlers non-stop, and only stopped in 1050 BC when, for political reasons, production was switched to Barracks. 

1450 BC
The Claim of Eridu

Babylon would confront the Persians for control of the headwaters of the River Tigris, and in 1450 BC Babylon founded Eridu along the Persian borderlands. Xerxes was quite annoyed by the Babylonian crowding, which was fine with Hammurabi of the Wide Girth. 

1275 BC
The Temple of Eridu

As part of his plan to control the Tigris, Hammurabi the Cruel whipped the citizens of Eridu and forced them to complete the Temple far ahead of schedule -- in just 1275 BC. The people of Hammurabi the Long Lived suffered terribly, but it was just the beginnings of their ordeal. 


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