370 BC
Warriors with Swords

But Hammurabi the Foolhardy became greedy and desired to extend his Empire. To further his ambition, he forced the completion of the Barracks in Ur. Half the town fled Hammurabi's Whip.

Once the Iron was connected, Hammurabi spent the nation's entire treasury and ordered his Warriors immediately upgraded to Swordsmen. 

250 BC
The Rake

Hammurabi the Sinister had secretly gathered his forces in Eridu for the assault. The Babylonians planned to rake the Persian border towns, taking Tarsus, Susa and Bactra. Finally, if all went well, they would gather their forces for an assault on Persepolis itself.  Crossing the border in 250 BC, the initial Babylonian attack captured Tarsus, then Susa, suffering only modest casualties. 

110 BC

But then Xerxes counterattacked. The fighting was difficult, dangerous and bloody. Instead of Great Leaders emerging, the carnage killed the very best. Whenever an Elite Swordsmen would attack, even backed by Spearmen, they were subjected to withering counterattacks by wave after wave of Persian Horsemen, Archers and Spearmen. 


110 BC
Persian Intransigence

Even after garrisoning several units for several turns, the Persian people refused to submit to Hammurabi's Whip. The situation was dangerous. The Babylonians couldn't retreat. They couldn't garrison. The Brave Babylonians had but one option. Press on to victory!


70 BC

Xerxes discovered Feudalism, and Persian Pikemen now guarded Bactra behind City Walls. The Babylonians fought well. Many died. But did they really die just to further the aims of Hammurabi's Ambition?

When Bactra fell, there was a great lamentation throughout all the land. Babylonian forces exhausted, there would be no assault on Persepolis.

The Reckoning

Historians of the time recorded the Babylonian losses, but the records were "lost" in the Archives. When I stumbled upon them, I was astounded that Hammurabi the Butcher of Bactra had lost two-thirds his army. Another counterattack and the Babylonians would have been wiped out.

But Xerxes blinked first. In 50 BC, Xerxes sued for Peace, and legitimized the Babylonian conquest. 

250 BC 41 "Stack of Doom"
230 BC 39 Tarsus Falls
210 BC 38 Attrition
190 BC 33 Susa Falls
170 BC 28 Counterattack
150 BC 28 Healing
130 BC 25 Attrition
110 BC 23 Attrition
90 BC 23 Gathering Strength
70 BC 16 Assault on Bactra
50 BC 14 Bactra Falls



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