1900 AD
The Russian Empire

Our Empire is Fat and Strong, which well suits our Royal Ambition. We are Czarina of Russia, Chieftess of the Zulu, Chancelloress of Germany, Queen of Egypt, Empress of China, and the Mayor of Babylon.

Ham Jr., the Duke of Ur, cannot be found and is at some "undisclosed location."


Princess Katerina is simply heartbroken. 


1900 AD

We stay cozy with Hammurabi for his own protection. For some reason everyone is angry with him. 

We rather like Hammurabi and will keep him around for a while. 


1926 AD
Well, Of Course

Czarina Catherine of Russia had a magic mirror.
"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most cultured one of all?"

"You are, my Empress Catherine" said the mirror, "By far."

"Well, of course we are."


Goosey, Goosey
   Gusi, gusi!
   Goosey, goosey!
Goslings:    Nam nel'zia idti domoi     We can't go home
   Seryi volk pod goroi    The gray wolf is behind the hill 
   Zuby tochit,     He's sharpening his teeth,
   Nas s"est' khochet.
   He wants to eat us.
Mama:     Nu letite    Well, fly on over
     Kak khotite!     As you wish!


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With apologies to Leo Tolstoy

Discussion Thread on Civfanatics about The Etiquette of War and Peace



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