1790 AD
For Love of Germany

We have always loved the Great German Forests and the wonderful people there. We will liberate them from the unmannered rule of Bismark, and teach them to speak Russian. 

Helping the Common People uplift themselves is an act of Graciousness and well suits any who pretend to the Mastery of Manners. 


1790 AD

At the end of the War to Free the German People, a Great Leader emerged. 

We have a fondness for this Leader, Zukhov. I believe him to be true to his Queen and his Country. Perhaps we will keep him around for a while. 


1842 AD
Holiday in Babylon

To proclaim our visit to Babylon, a massive gun salute by our Battleships will herald our arrival. After our proclamation, Marines will act as the advance guard, with Armor, Mechs and Loyal Zukhov disembarking the same turn. 

It would not be polite to arrive in Babylon without the proper announcements, flags and marching soldiers. Hammurabi will be very impressed, I am sure.

Hmm, perhaps my niece, the Princess Katerina, could meet with Hammurabi's Son, The Duke of Ur. 


1844 AD

Our dear Zukhov builds us a new Palace in Babylon itself. 

Where we are, our capital is; and where our capital is, are we. We are Queen, Empress, Czarina. We are Mother Russia.


1846 AD

Even with plentiful Armor, Artillery can still be quite useful. The Artillery pummels Nineveh while the Armor captures the smaller cities nearby. Once re-provisioned, they will then gather for the final assault on Nineveh.

Waste not, want not. 



Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a husband with his second wife. From each of their first marriages they each had a daughter. The wife's daughter was spoiled and mean, where as the husband's daughter was very gentle and kind. The wife only loved her daughter, and made the other girl work very hard. The poor girl cleaned and cooked for the wife, and was often beaten as the wife's hatred for her grew.

One day, in the middle of a terrible winter, the wife decided that the girl should be taken deep into the woods and left there to die. The husband of course did not want to agree to this, but himself also afraid of the woman, he reluctantly took his daughter into the forest where he left her.

The girl sat helpless and alone under a tree. Soon she heard the breaking and snapping of twigs and branches, and then a voice spoke. "Are you warm my child?" It asked. The girl recognized the ominous voice as that of Father Frost and replied, "Yes Father Frost, I'm quite warm." Father Frost repeated his question several times, each time coming closer to the girl. The girl always answered that she was warm, and then thanked him. Feeling pity for the poor creature, Father Frost wrapped her in a beautiful coat, showered her with gifts, and kept her warm throughout the night.

Returning the next day to retrieve his daughter's body, the husband was happily surprised to find her not only alive, but dressed warmly and covered with riches. Upon their return home, the jealous wife then insisted that her own daughter be left in the forest overnight, hoping that she too would return wealthy.

Again the husband drove deep into the woods, this time leaving his step daughter there. As the night grew long she too her the voice of Father Frost. "Are you warm my child?" he asked. The girl was annoyed with his question and replied, "Of course not, now leave me alone!" Father Frost was enraged with her reply and sent the coldest frost that there had ever been.

When the husband drove into the woods the next day, he returned not with the girl showered in riches, but with her cold frozen body instead. Upon his return home he took his daughter and left his evil wife. The husband and his daughter lived happily ever after.


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