Senatus Populusque Romanus
The Senate and the People of Rome


1792 AD
The Unthinkable

A large Greek force of Modern Armor (12) and Mechanized Infantry (4) were spotted crossing the Spina del Mondus, the Spine of the World. This was unprecedented. No one had ever before crossed this great cultural and logistical divide. Considering that Alexander had nearly completed the Spaceship, this makes it all the more tragic. 

Quis, quid, ubi, quibus auxiliis, cur, quomodo, quando?
Who, what, where, with what, why, how, when?


"His head separated from his body, and placed on a lance, was carried in triumph to the Praetorian camp, in the sight of a mournful and indignant people, who lamented the unworthy fate of that excellent prince, and the transient blessings of a reign, the memory of which could serve only to aggravate their approaching misfortunes." 

-- Sir Edward Gibbon, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire


1792 AD
An Alliance of the World

Caesar gathered the World together in a great Mutual Protection Pact. If the Greeks attacked, then the world would rise up against them. In the interest of peace, Caesar offered Alexander a huge tribute, which Alexander spurned. 


Rome did not start this war. The blood would be on Alexander's hands.

Ex iniuria ius non oritur
Right can not grow out of injustice


1792 AD
Elite Infantry 

The Romans were well prepared for Alexander's assault. Behind City Walls, battle-hardened Elites, experienced with fighting the Barbarians, defended Jerusalem, and were connected by Rail and Harbor to reinforcement and supply. 

Numquam non paratus.
Never unprepared.


The hairy fifth to enslave the State
To enslave the state, though against his will
Shall be that idiot whom all despised.
He shall have hair in a generous mop.
He shall give Rome water and winter bread.
And die at the hand of his wife, no wife
To the gain of his son, no son.

Sibylline Curse from I, Claudius
by Sir Robert Graves
Claudius. Lame, a stutterer, and presumed simple-minded, was not meant to be Emperor. He survived the blood-letting of Caligula by being insignificant. He was made Emperor by the Praertorian Guard.


1794 AD

Massive bombardment preceded the counterattack. Roman Bombers caught the Greek forces as they crossed the open land before the City Wall of Jerusalem.

The supply of Jerusalem Bombyx,  famous worldwide as the best for ceremonial occasions, was secured.


About this time, Caesar started having nightmares. He had sent a small group of Battleships around the world to explore Greek waters, but sent not a single transport, nor a ground force of any type. Now his military stood helplessly, unable to cross the Ęgeanum Sea. 

Dira necessitas.
Dire necessity.


Roman Legionaire with standard equipment
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