700 AD to  810 AD - War of the Longbowmen

Minsk is on a hill. Swordsmen will suffer terrible losses attacking spearmen fortified in a hill city. But longbow can take that position. 

This stack contains five sword, two pike, three longbowmen, and a new innovation, the musketman. 

This is the position after Minsk was captured. Unfortunately, we are poor and have no cash to rush the temple. Being so close to Moscow, we must be prepared for chaos in the frontline city of Minsk. We remove the bulk of our forces from Minsk. 

Not unexpectedly, Minsk flips back to Russian control. 
Recapturing Minsk results in a Great Leader. We create an army consisting of a longbowman, the musketman, and a swordsman. This army will prove surprisingly resilient.

The army successfully attacks the Russian longbowman, allowing the Heroic Epic. Next, we rush the temple, while our diplomats negotiate a peace agreement.


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