1862 AD - Invasion of Japan

Our invasion force consists of five tank armies (of four tanks each), twelve infantry, fifteen tanks, nine battleships, twenty bombers and about a dozen transports. We control the skies with our F-15 fighters and have bombed Kagoshima from the air until it has been reduced to rubble. 

We pummel the Japanese capital of Kyoto with bombers. In the captured port of Kagoshima, we have already completed the temple, and are set to complete the cathedral. Next we will build an airport to bring in reinforcements and much need luxuries for the innocent civilians. 

We have captured the Japanese capital. We have put our infantry to work force-rushing the temple in Kyoto (by disbanding units). The cathedral is ready in Osaka and the airport in Kagoshima. We have not only captured a large section of the Japanese mainland, but we have established political control, as well. 

Also, note the uranium deposit next to Kagoshima.


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