Goddess of Prosperity

And as a goldsmith, taking a piece of gold, turns it into another, newer and more beautiful shape, so does this Self, after having thrown off this body and dispelled all ignorance, make unto himself another, newer and more beautiful shape. 

10 BC

We have captured Nineveh and the iron.We rush the temple to establish our control. Our spearman has already been brought up from the rear and fortifies in the town. We will rush the development of this key town.  

530 AD
A thriving city

Nineveh has grown into a prosperous city, with a temple, cathedral, marketplace, . . We will build the Forbidden Palace. Without rushing, we will build it brick by brick.  


620 AD

But look! Where is our plunder? Where is the iron? An old, wizened philosopher says but one word -- "Karma." 

760 AD
We Dedicate This Palace to Lakshmi

Our Forbidden Palace is complete! This will make our provinces in Old Babylon much more productive. It will also act as a symbol of our greatness to our threatening neighbors, the Persians.  The Persians fear our War Elephants, so Nineveh will train more War Elephants. 


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