And as a caterpillar, after having reached the end of a blade of grass, and after having made another approach to another blade, draws itself together towards it, thus does this Self, after having thrown off this body and dispelled all ignorance, and after making another approach to another body, draw himself together towards it.

300 AD
The problem of Ur

The Babylonians have taken refuge on an island with a new capital, Ur. As long as the Babylonian capital exists, Babylonians in captured towns will keep hoping to successfully revolt, and return to their evil ways. We must build temples in every town on the coast, and most importantly, we must take Ur.  

340 AD
The capture of Ur

We have captured Ur, and ended the Babylonian nightmare. We will treat our subjects well and convert them to the religious ways of the Indians.  

740 AD

With the Babylonians destroyed, we turn our eyes to the world. 


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