God of Creation

When ignorance is destroyed 
by knowing of the self,
then, like the sun, knowledge
illuminates ultimate reality.

4000 BC

We, the Indians, have settled along the banks of the Yamanua River, a tributary of the Ganges. We will build a temple to God, but first a warrior. 

2390 BC
Ghuzz Tribal Village

Look! A small native village. Poor people, still living in huts, instead of our sturdy wooden homes.  Perhaps we can help them. 


2310 BC

The Ghuzz have decided to join us and live in wooden houses. One day soon, we will help the Ghuzz build a temple. Then they will be truly enlightened. 

2270 BC

We have founded our new town, and named it Lahore. To the north is a barbarian tribe, the Sarbadar. We will recruit and outfit a spearman. 


2190 BC
Horizon to Horizon

Our people have explored vast tracts of land. We will settle this land, and raise temples in every town, from horizon to horizon. 

250 BC
The World

We are not alone in the world. The Persians and Babylonians keep making demands. The material world is as dangerous as the spiritual world, but we have managed to keep to the peace.

Our Galleys have discovered new lands in the East.



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