1630 AD

We have reason to believe that other nations are attempting to unleash the huge power of the atom. We must beat them to this discovery. We will commit vast resources to scientific research, nearly halving our research time. 

1670 AD
United Nations

Having discovered Fission, we will embark on a diplomatic effort to prevent the use of these weapons in the future. We have established the United Nations in Niagara Falls. Now, countries can argue peaceably, instead of with weapons. 

1675 AD
United Nations Vote

Having completed the United Nations, the leaders of the world offer to meet and select a single leader, the first Secretary-General. As the builder of the United Nations, we are of course considered for the position. 

1675 AD
Election Returns

We win a decisive victory. We wish to thank all our supporters. We promise to work hard for world peace. 

1675 AD

This is a victory for the entire world. Let us live in peace with one another. May the light and wisdom of the Great Spirit shine on us for all time.  


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