900 BC
The Bad Lands

The towns to the south are in some of the roughest lands available in the game of Civ3, mountains and deserts. However, they provide us with gems and horses, plus we control the crucial chokepoint to the south.

In Mauch Chunk, Oil Springs and Allegheny, we will build temples first, then harbors. In Tonawanda, a temple then walls and an extra spearman. In Cattaraugus, we have already completed the temple and will now build a barracks. 

775 BC
The World View

Our capital is not close to the center of our civilization, but there is no better place for it -- certainly not in the badlands to the south. We could expand into the undeveloped lands in the southern hemisphere. Or perhaps we should consider a war against the Russians.

710 BC
Mounted Warriors

We switch our production to barracks, then spearmen and mounted warriors. We will pay no more tribute to the Russians. We will not start the war, but the war will come, and we will be ready. 


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