Eine geniale Idee
A brilliant idea
Wonders of the World

Each wonder adds something special to our civilization. Notice the emphasis on science, a German specialty. With the completion of Newton's University in 1110 AD, Berlin scientists are now producing 60 beakers per turn. Berlin is considered the top city in the world. 

500 AD
Sistine Chapel
780 AD
Copernicus's Observatory
1110 AD
Newton's University
1480 AD
Theory of Evolution
1535 AD
Hoover Dam
1745 AD
United Nations

560 AD
Faraway Lands

We have long heard tales of faraway lands and faraway peoples. Today we have met with emissaries of these exotic nations, Shogun Tokugawa of Japan and Mahatma Gandhi of India. 

990 AD

In 990 AD, after massive investments, the temple, marketplace, library, courthouse, walls and cathedral are completed in Salzburg, and we start on the Forbidden Palace. 

1270 AD

Our  efforts have paid off and our Forbidden Palace is completed in Salzburg, along the Salzach River. Corruption is almost nonexistent, not only in Salzburg, but in the surrounding cities, as well. 

1270 AD
The Global Community

We trade maps with the world and find that our beloved Germany is the largest, most advanced, and most productive nation in the world. 

Building: When playing the build game -- one without an early war -- we will attempt to overtake our rivals through our science and our productivity. By foregoing war, we lose the chance for an early Great Leader, and the Forbidden Palace must be built brick-by-brick. Don't neglect your military. You must still build a strong army to prevent war, or to defend ourselves if it should come to that. 


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