Das muß erst noch erfunden weden
That has still to be invented
(and I doubt it ever will be)

1240 AD - 1285 AD - 1355 AD
Steam Power - Industrialization - Sanitation

Our German scientists discover a trio of technologies which usher in the industrial age. Inventions undreamed of are now a reality. Steam power allows for railroads, industrialization allows for factories, and sanitation allows for hospitals. We will hire many railroad workers and connect every part of our nation. We will spend our tax dollars on factories and hospitals for every city. 


Steam Power


1400 AD
Promise Fulfilled

We have built railroads connecting all our lands, built factories and hospitals in every city. The people are happy and hard working. 

1540 AD
Hoover Dam

With the discovery of electronics, we build the Hoover Dam and provide electric power to every city in Germany. Our production skyrockets. 

Rush to Industrialization: It is important at this phase of the game to have plenty of workers. If you don't have many at this point, build them and put them to work on the rails. Once rails are run, city population will explode. By rushing to industrialization, you gain a huge advantage over your competitors. 


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