Das mußte nun einmal so sein
Fate would have it so

1615 AD
First Panzers

German scientists have invented a great new battlefield weapon, the Panzer. We will build lots of Panzers; strictly for "defensive" purposes, of course. 

1695 AD
War-Time Mobilization

By the end of the seventeen century we have already built 70 Panzers. Our economy is strong. Our military is courageous and well-prepared. We have mobilized all Germany for the coming war. 

1695 AD
The Shogun

The mutual protection pact between Japan and Russia has expired and is not renewed. Japan will try to stay out of the coming war. This is a wise decision by Tokugawa. 

1695 AD
The Czarina

We are forced by circumstances to renegotiate our peace treaty with Russia. First we ask for Aluminum, but Catherine says she only has enough for herself. So we ask instead for the secret of communism, espionage, amphibious warfare and ecology, but she stubbornly refuses. Then we ask for a mere 1g. She insults our person. How could we renew the peace treaty after this insult? Das ist ja fürchterlich! 

Under all the rules of war and honor, with a clear conscience, Germany declares war on Russia. 

1695 AD
The Queen

Having foolishly committed herself to the defense of Russia, Elizabeth must now make a choice. England honors her commitment to Russia. England declares war on Germany. 


1695 AD
The Shogun, the Saint, and the Mahatma

Japan, France and India will not participate in this war. They are no doubt waiting for an opportunity to fill the void left by any victims of this war. 

Honor and War: War is an ancient and honorable tradition. It is not a dishonor to start a war. Only dishonesty brings dishonor. So, fulfill your agreements, and declare war before attacking.  


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