Er blies ihr den Marsch
He gave her a piece of his mind

1735 AD

As part of the peace treaty, Russia cedes us a small town on the coast south of India. We will spend a considerable amount of money on this little town. Kharkov will play a vital role in the future. 

1758 AD

The city of Yakutsk declares its independence from Germany. It is certainly not worth fighting a war over, but Bismark makes clear to Catherine his displeasure, especially so soon after the recent hostilities. She provides a few paltry gold pieces in response to his demands. 

1760 AD
Peace with Russia

Germany now has vast colonies in the old Russian Empire. These cities will soon become contented and productive parts of Germany. 

1780 AD
New World Order

There are two centers of alliances, Japan leads Russia and England, while Germany leads India and France. This creates a very complex and dangerous situation. If anyone makes a mistake, it could be a world war. 

Unexpected Events: Many occurrences are beyond our control. The wise leader is prepared to deal with the unexpected. Occasionally, even in peacetime, civilian populations will express their frustration by rising up against the local governor and declaring their independence. In this case, this peacetime flip is not worth fighting a war over. We will let the people Yakutsk rejoin their native country. 


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