Sie spielt die beleidigte Leberwurst
She is in a huff

1800 AD
English War

Germany starts the new century with a very powerful military consisting of three tank armies, three armor armies, and 57 armor units. A multi-pronged attack, including through France, is executed.  

1806 AD

England has been hit so hard that there is little chance for the English military to mount a significant counterattack. This also reduces the chance of a civilian revolt. Nevertheless, we must be careful to keep our units in relatively safe locations. Some will return to Germany, the frontline forces will concentrate in very large stacks for safety and to end civilian resistance, others will garrison in smaller numbers in cities already subdued. 

1808 AD

The people of Warwick have murdered the garrison. We have lost several mechanized infantry units. Nevertheless, this is merely a bump on the road to victory. 


1808 AD
Turn Around

We now concentrate our forces on mopping up the rest of the English cities, including arresting the plotters in Warwick. Elizabeth is defeated. Her children will be educated in the best schools in Berlin, while she lives out her days in a quaint little tower, free to receive visitors and write her memoirs. 

1818 AD
New World Order

England has been completely "integrated" into the German Empire with Elizabeth's acceptance of our right to rule. We are in a preeminent position. 

Losing a Flip: Do not panic when losing a city to a flip. Normally, you will not garrison cities with many units except in strategic locations. If the towns people throw a "whiskey rebellion," just send in a military squad to restore order. 


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