Eine Abkühlungsperiode
A cooling off period

1820 AD

Remember Kharkov, the little town ceded to us by Dear Catherine of Russia? Kharkov now has all the major town improvements, including airport, harbor and now a bank. The airport will allow us to quickly station troops on the western continent. 

1822 AD
Peace-Keeping Mission

We have a Right of Passage Agreement with India. We bring troops by air into Kharkov from the homeland and send them by rail to the border of India and France. 

1822 AD

India has allowed us to park 20 armor and 10 mechanized outside Karachi. From here we can watch the two French cities of Bayonne and Toulouse. 

Right-of-Passage: Treaties allowing for right-of-passage, allow us to position troops in anticipation of future conflict. Hopefully, our strong military will prevent war, but if war should come, we will be ready. 


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