Wenn ich erst in Paris bin
Once I'm in Paris

1844 AD

With the capture of Paris, the French spaceship is destroyed. This is an "unfortunate consequence" of Joan's poor decision to attack. Poor Joan. 

1846 AD

With a garrison of nearly a hundred units, Paris is subdued in just one turn. They smile a lot, but at night there are strange whispers in the dark. 

1846 AD

Taking Delhi, their spaceship is "accidentally" destroyed. Once the resistance has ended in Delhi, we will park our armor on the mountains near Bengal. 


1846 AD
Peace with India

Gandhi finally listens to reason and agrees to a cease-fire. Perhaps with time, our nations can become friends again. Our war-time mobilization has ended. 

Mobilization: When you are industrially advanced, and if you have completed most city improvements in your native cities, mobilization can be a good option. All cities, even those far from the capital gain a production advantage. Ending mobilization is the key. In this case, with two enemies, we ended mobilization at the defeat of the first. 


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