Aus nichts wird nichts
Nothing ventured, nothing gained

1990 BC

The lands to the north are ours by right of discovery. We will build only settlers and spearmen until all the land has been filled with Germans. We will claim our Lebensraum

1450 BC

We place Frankfurt along the Main River, in the middle of the most productive lands in Germany. We leave most of the jungles outside the town limits. Frankfurt will produce settlers. 

1000 BC

We have claimed all the lands surrounding our capital. These will form the core of our empire. Other nations may attempt to colonize the rich lands of the northwest peninsula. We will try to stop them by settling directly to our west. 

390 BC

Crossing the mountains to the west, we will found our new town so as to block our neighbors from discovering the northwest peninsula. Despite being surround by mountains, Bonn will grow to be a prosperous coastal city. 

350 BC

Defending a settler, our spearman fights off hordes of horsemen. We found Salzburg along the Salzach River. We will connect to the horses at the first opportunity. 

230 BC

Being careful to never reveal our map, we are left to develop the rich lands of the northwest without competition or hindrance. 

Expansion: Settle every available area of the map, even deserts, hills and jungles. If you don't, your rivals will. Keep your cities strong during your expansion to deter attacks. Consider sending your settlers out with military escorts, especially if the barbarians are enraged. 


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