1600 AD
Infantry Line

Now that we are in the Industrial Age, we can afford to make an infantry line and guard our frontier with Japan.


1600 AD
Strategic Defense

The mountain will make a very good artillery station in case of invasion. Note the army stack which also guards artillery. Lots of artillery. 


1635 AD

Tokugawa had always resented his loss in the First War of Japan -- the Pike War. Finally his greed and lust for power blind him to the danger. Indeed, we are ready and will destroy his invasion force.

Our people unite behind our Great Mother Leader, united as a single people in a great theocratic commune. All Hail Comrade Cleopatra!

(We will switch from democracy to communism whenever there is a war.)


1635 AD
Elite Sword

Having been on garrison duty in Nara, we now call upon our most Elite and Venerable Swordfighters. After heavy bombardment, the enemy forces are redlined and ready for the final blow. 

Our infantry army will advance with large numbers of artillery upon Kyoto. 



1635 AD
Infantry Lines

The Japanese break through the infantry line. Their fate will be as before. Massive artillery (60) will damage their morale, infantry reinforcements will cut off their retreat, and Elites will finish them off. 

We will attempt to control the high ground around Osaka, and bring the artillery within striking distance.




1635 AD
Field Intelligence

Always keep a close eye on the numbers and types of units the enemy has in the field. Japanese cavalry are no match for our infantry backed by artillery. Killer spearmen? Bah humbug.



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