1858 AD

We take the battle to the Americans. Forty bomber wings pummel Boston's defenses.




1858 AD
Elite Marines

Elite marines, experienced from previous missions, lead the attack, yelling "Remember Lt. Killer!!"  Persistence pays off as we get a Great Leader. 


1858 AD
Great Leader

Cleopatra commands our Great Leader to rush the airport. Our garrison is ordered to stop any resistance in the city. 


1858 AD
Resistance Ends

Because of our large garrison, resistance ends immediately. This will help us control the city. 


1860 AD
Rear Guard

Huge numbers of reinforcements arrive at the airport. . With such a huge (100+) garrison -- including our newly arrived mech army -- we have total control of the city. 


1860 AD
America Split Asunder

Our conquest of Boston has split America in two, and our forces act as a Killer* Chokehold. We can now apply the pressure.

* Named in honor of Lt. Killer M. Esq., who with his valiant soldiers died in the service of his nation near this spot.


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