html> GOTM9 - 2000 AD - Thebes, Queen of Cities


2000 AD
City Culture Victory

As said the prophets, Thebes is the Queen of Cities and Cleopatra is the Queen of Thebes.


2001 AD
Top Cities

Thebes has many wonders. Ironically, Persepolis is the second greatest city, but had been an open battleground since the 1950's. Hakodate was Cleopatra's Forbidden Palace.


Egypt has accumulated 157,522 culture points, more than 20,000 just in Thebes. To achieve a City Culture Victory, Egypt started by using a population boom in Thebes to build the Great Pyramid in 1000 BC. Later in the game, letting the Persians keep their Persian culture helped ensure that Thebes would become the Queen of Cities.

(A standard Culture Victory occurs when you have reached 100,000 culture points and twice that of any other Civ. As long as Persia was highly cultured, a standard Culture Victory could be postponed indefinitely, allowing for the more elegant City Culture Victory.)

Other significant events include the Straits of Japan, the Pike War, the Industrial Worker Boom, the Battle for Balkan Oil, the Killer Chokehold and the Battleground of Persepolis



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