800 BC
A Vision 

Cleopatra has a dream. In the dream, she dreams of sailing in a great ship -- much bigger than any of the fishing boats that now ply the waters of the Nile. In the dream, she sails to the misty land across the sea to the east. She commands her scholars to find a way to cross the sea (70% science). 


800 BC
New Towns 

Now that the Great Pyramids are complete, settlers leave Thebes to found new towns. We can reduce luxuries (10%) and start making a little money (20%). 


690 BC
Map Making

Cleopatra discovers the secret of mapmaking and then has another dream. She draws this map. To this day, no one has found this mythic place. 


630 BC

Cleopatra takes her journey over the sea and discovers an ancient civilization, the Japanese. They are led by Tokugawa. We should be careful.  Our scholars say that the Japanese are militaristic. 



550 BC

We establish towns on the Japanese homeland. We must make every effort to establish our cultural presence in these new lands.



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