Word Mutagenation: Zachriel's Word Mutation and Evolution Experiment
Sea of Beneficence
And it takes less than "zillions of years"!


n the beginning was the Word.

There was a little pond and in the pond was a little letter "O", a word. Soon the pond was full of trillions of O's, happily mouthing their meaning.

And the word was fruitful and multiplied.


hen something happened. An "O" changed to an "I". Another changed to an "A". (Others changed to "x" and "p", but these were not fruitful and were, sadly, deselected.) Soon, the pond was swimming with O's and A's and I's. The I's, in particular, thought they were something special, but the O's were happy just to be noticed.

And the words were fruitful and multiplied.    

hen it rained new letters. The rain concatenated with the O's and A's and I's. Soon, the pond was filled with "an", "or", "in" and "ox". (So the "x" finally found a home.) Then some of the letters changed and soon the pond was filled with every possible two-letter word including "up". And every possible three-letter words, and four-letters. Indeed, soon there were trillions of each of hundreds of different words swimming in the pond.

 And these longer words were fruitful and multiplied.



s the pond was filled, it spilled over its banks and formed a river of words flowing down to the Sea of Beneficence. 

And in the Sea, the words bumped into one another and formed phrases. "I am", "A war", "Am I" "You ere", "of words", "I am what I am" and all manner of phrases and sentences. All with meaning, and many with new meanings never before seen in the world.

 And the phrases were fruitful and multiplied.

long the Sea, there was a shore composed of iambic clay. And of the multitude of words and phrases in the Sea of Beneficence, only certain ones would stick to the iambic clay.

wordy ward, a wordy ward
a war, a kiss
a war of words
beware a war of words
beware a war of words
beware a war of words
you err
I err
ere you err

ne day, along the Iambic shores of the Sea of Beneficence, a certain new phrase appeared.


Beware a war of words ere you err. 


nd this new phrase was selected, and was fruitful and multiplied.


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