Joan of Arc

Vive la France!

Mon Cher Napoléon,

We will found a new city as an example to the world of French learning and culture. As you yourself have said, "Ability is of little account without opportunity." 


230 BC

We want to extend our Revolution through peaceful means when possible. We found Strasbourg between two Aztec towns. Notice how the Aztec towns have not expanded their cultural borders as yet. We will rush the temple and library in Strasbourg and field a decent garrison. This is somewhat of a risk, but the odds are on our side. 


230 BC

The Aztecs overlap our cultural boundaries, but our cultural boundaries overlap theirs too. We can push those boundaries by building cultural improvements. We can suppress the Aztec influence with a garrison.  Though we don't have troops enough to completely suppress any chance of losing Strasbourg, with careful management we can win this culture battle and gain direct access to our Forbidden Palace. 


450 AD
Pushing Culture 

Strasbourg is fully developed and it strongly influences the neighboring Aztec towns. In 450 AD, Xochicalco joins France. In 580 AD, Calixtlahuaca joins the French cause.  


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