Joan of Arc

Vive la France!

Mon Cher Napoléon,

How long has it been since the day you went away? Has it really been as long as it seems, so many centuries ago?

Yet, only yesterday I was just a girl. God had sent an angel to whisper in my ear, saying that all the world should be made France, a great nation in the eyes of the Lord. How could I, just a small girl, do this?

Then God sent a Great Leader. Vous, mon cher Napoléon. Vive la France! But how could we have known how it would all turn out? 


  • Civilization: French
  • Difficulty Level: Regent 
  • Map Size: Standard
  • Land Form: Pangaea
  • Land mass: Much (60 percent water)
  • Rivals: 7 Random Rivals
  • Climate: Random
  • Temperature: Random
  • Age: Random
  • Barbarians: Restless
  • Default rules

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