Joan of Arc

Vive la France!

Mon Cher Napoléon,

My dearest Napoleón. Wasn't there another way? Still my heart breaks. Tel est amour.

You said that some day you would return. You said that I might find the Pillars of Hercules, but not the limits of your power. Do Great Leaders ever return? 

How hard it is to believe. Je me attens a Dieu. 


1375 BC

There are demands of leadership. France has grown so quickly that the people now demand a Forbidden Palace. But how?


1325 BC
The Sacrifice

Napoleon hears the cries of the people. Like a bolt of lightning, he flashes in the sky and then is gone. In his place, a magnificent palace appears. 


1300 BC
The Glory of France

With the Forbidden Palace deep in the continent's interior, France is now in a preeminent position in the world. We will make peace with our neighbors. We will demonstrate the superiority of the French culture. 



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