Joan of Arc

Vive la France!

Mon Cher Napoléon,

When I was a young girl, I used to play along the Seine. I watched the merchants ply the waters in their boats and wondered where they were going. I decided then to find out.  


4000 BC
The Seine

Along the Seine River are rich productive grasslands, nearby fur-bearing animals, and a shield-rich mountain range. This will make an ideal site for a new town. This town shall be called Paris and will be the center of the great nation, France. 


3750 BC
The Wise Marcomanni 

Our first warrior investigates the hut-village to the east of Paris. The Marcomanni people are friendly and wisely want to join France. We will found a new town, Orleans, on the golden hills near the mouth of the Seine River. 

(Note the extra trade.)


3500 BC
The Foolish Seljuks

Our second warrior investigates the village to the west of Paris. The foolish Seljuks wish to fight. 



3450 BC
Elite Warrior

Our warrior triumphs in our first battle, and is promoted to Elite status. The success of this battle was crucial. 


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