Meiyo - Honor

Way of the Samurai

Culture's beginnings:
rice-planting songs from the heart
of the country 

Honor: The understanding of one's own worth and dignity.


4000 BC
But what shall our people eat?

The starting position against the sea and lacking any grassland is not promising. There is wheat which we can mine(!) for shields. We move our worker there first -- before founding our capital. 

The tepid rain falls
On the bare thorn.


4000 BC
An Observation

But look! What is that to the northeast? It's a river delta! We will migrate to the river and settle there. The only danger is if the area is already settled on this small, crowded world.

Take your time before making important decisions. It is easy to overlook the better move through haste. The choices you make in the early game will have huge effects in later times.   



3850 BC
A Better View

Not only have we found grassland, but fields of wheat, a river for trade, floodplains to help our capital grow, horses, hills and mountains to mine. But look again! There is another tribe to the north.  


3850 BC

We have founded out capital along the Kamo River and in sight of Mt. Hiei and Mt. Atago. Our worker investigates the nearby huts and a Ghuzz Warrior agrees to join cause with us, living and dying live according to our ways. He will head north to investigate the borders of the exotic Chinese Civilization.   


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