Makoto - Honesty

Way of the Samurai

How reluctantly 
the bee emerges from deep 
within the peony 

Honesty: The Samurai will not dishonor himself by lying or through deceipt.


3800 BC

Staying on high terrain, our Warrior approaches the Chinese borders. The militaristic Chinese have deployed Archers on the Golden Mountains. 

A Warrior Rush is not a practical option. Even if we were to rampage our way into a Chinese city, it is doubtful we could hold it against the expected Archer counterattack. Kyoto itself would then be at risk in such a foolhardy adventure. 


3450 BC
The Zhou

On its journeys north, our Warrior discovers a new tribe, the Zhou, who decide to join us, living and dying according to our ways -- Bushido, the Way of the Warrior. 


3350 BC

Our Zhou friends establish a new Japanese town along the Yodo River. They promise to bring furs to Kyoto. After affirming our Peace Treaty with the Chinese, our Warrior continues its explorations to the north. 

Peace Treaties last for 20 turns. It would be a dishonor and against the code of Bushido to break this promise. We can't be sure that Mao will honor his commitment, but we shall certainly honor ours. 


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