Rei - Respect

Way of the Samurai

Singing, planting rice,
village songs more lovely 
than famous city poems 

Respect: The result of your consideration for the honor of others. It should not be a result of fear of offending good taste or convention.


2710 BC
Respect for Borders

Founding Tokyo, we have now completed a southern perimeter around the Chinese Empire. A Warrior is already heading south to survey our new lands. 

Do not share maps! If you do, disrespectful rivals may send Settlers across your lands. 


2190 BC
Worker Management

After improving the lands around Kyoto, our worker completes a road to Tokyo. Meanwhile, a worker from Osaka has brought luxurious furs to the capital.

Careful management of workers is essential in the early game. While we are still building Settlers for expansion, Kyoto will not exceed a population of three, so our workers will be sent to other towns. 


2190 BC
Southern Lands

Kyoto has created the first of many Settlers. The Settler, following the road through Tokyo, and defended by a Warrior, heads south. Notice the newly discovered Eastern Lands Across the Sea.

No one travels
Along this way but I,
This autumn evening.


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