4000 BC
Krokodil River

The river swells from the little streams.
(Bateke proverb)

Krokodil headwaters flow west into the African Savannah, joining with the Limpopo River. From there, they rush past the Game hunting grounds of the Great Forest on their way to the Sea. But before the waters reach the Wheat Plains, along a great curve of the Limpopo River, they pass by the village Zimbabwe of the Zulu. 

It takes a whole village to raise a child.
(East African Proverb)


4000 BC

A lone runner says he has legs
(Kenyan Saying)

Before the discovery of Astronomy, people still watched the sky. The position of the Sun and the Stars tell the Zulu that they are very far to the south. There is a Sea to our west. 

We will commission two additional Scouts. Our original Scout has already headed east, while our new Scouts will head north, then finally south along the Western Shore.


3600 BC
First Look

One who sees something good must narrate it.
(Ugandan Saying)

After completing the Scouts, we switch to Granary. Far to the east, our Scout has conscripted a Warrior, which we order back to subdue some unruly elements in Zimbabwe. We have little to fear from Barbarians.  Our newest Scout will explore south of Zimbabwe. If there is trouble, we can switch production to Warrior without the loss of any shields and possibly use our Scout as decoy. 



3000 BC

Authority is in generosity.

(Tumbuka proverb)

The Granary is completed. But our Warrior is a little late and the citizens of Zimbabwe are making demands. Shaka orders a few Luxuries (10%) to reward the people for their hard work. Now, Zimbabwe will make two Impis; one to guard the town, the other to escort the first of many Settlers. 


3000 BC

We have already discovered two new Civilizations, the Chinese to the west and the Indians to the east. We have also found many treasures of gold and knowledge. At this rate, nearly every Hut will belong to us.

Shaka's Eyes.  


3000 BC - 1750 BC
Then See

Sweet and sour walk hand in hand.
(Efik proverb, Nigeria)

Our rapid exploration with our Scouts, means that we have acquired nearly all the Huts in the world. We have found Partians beyond Delhi; Khoisans near Beijing of the Jungle Kingdom of the Chinese; Kassite's near the great city of Babylon;  and many other treasures, including all-important knowledge.

One brave Scout was unfortunately lost in 1750 BC, when he fell victim to a Hittite ambush on the far side of the Persian Empire just north of Persepolis.

Note that we have acquired huts from the very boundaries of our rivals' capitals, huts which "should have been" theirs. We have also acquired valuable information about our rivals' territories. 

Our Expansionist Trait has paid off handsomely.


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