680 AD
Too Close for Gandhi's Comfort

When an elephant combats, it is the grass that suffers.
(Kikuyu Proverb)

We have nearly surrounded Delhi with Temples. Tugela to the northeast and Umfolozi to the southwest of Delhi even have Cathedrals built with funds donated from Shaka's personal treasury. 

A roaring lion kills no game.
(Acholi proverb)


680 AD

Only what you have fought for will last.
(Yoruba proverb)

We gather our strength. Shaka's Fist consists of twenty Knights and several Pikemen. Our border cities are defended by Pike, as well. We can see that Delhi is defended with only Spearmen. This is the time to strike, before Gandhi can upgrade to Pikemen or field many Elephants. 


700 AD
Gandhi flees

The Indian government heads south to Bombay, fourteen Knights in hot pursuit. Our Pikemen do their best to shield our injured Knights from counterattack. We have captured the Hanging Gardens! 


790 AD
The Palace at Zanzibar

Having completed the Temple and the Courthouse, Delhi is set to start building the Forbidden Palace. 



800 AD

War has no eyes.

(Swahili proverb)

We finally eliminate Gandhi from the game. The war ended, Delhi begins celebrations of "We Love the Chief Day." With a little added population it shouldn't take long to complete the Forbidden Palace, but our new Great Leader, Zwelithini, will complete the job this very turn. 


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