Quetzalcoatl changed himself into a black ant.
It is said that the red ant
guided Quetzalcoatl
to the foot of the Mountain
where they placed the corn.
Then Quetzalcoatl carried it
on his back to Tenochtitlan.
Whereupon from it, the gods ate and ate.


3750 BC
First Steps

Quetzalcoatl brings us the secret of cultivation. We have an ideal location along the Metzliapán River. Tenochtitlan will build nothing but Jaguar Warriors -- Warriors with the movement of a Scout!

Our Feathered Warrior climbs nearby Mount Popocatépetl and discovers the Mexicatl Sea.

On the Dais of the Eagle he shouts out,
Loudly cries the Mexica


3750 BC

From our observatory on Mount Popocatépetl, our astrologers note that the midday sun is almost always to the south of us, though it does reach near zenith at noon during the summer solstice. We are near the tropic line, that is, nearer the equator than the pole

(With the Mexicatl Sea to the east, we will concentrate our reconnaissance to the west. As there is more world to our south than the north, we shall tend towards the southwest, avoiding rough terrain to speed our exploration.)


3150 BC

Our Jaguar Warriors have explored a great territory, and much treasure. We have just discovered the Russian and Egyptian borders and can surmise the location of their capital cities.  



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